My current study is the concentration of negative space created by the forces of objects as they relate to surrounding space. This inner space lures me into the secrets it holds, questioning the relationship it has with the organic movement of form that wrestles with the encroaching space. The negative space of interest, evolves as my studies progress, causing me to question, what is the draw beneath this interest?



"Scattered Futures"

I have a great love of nature and I am concerned about its survival. Are we taking care to collect and preserve the seeds of many species to ensure the continuation of the next generation?

In an attempt to demonstrate the need to preserve seeds, I have incorporated the seed casings in my weaving. The weaving is constructed with jute and wool. The casings are from my collection of seeds, gathered from several states across the country. 

Mixed Media

"Tree Series"

The "Tree Series" is a study of the complexity of patterns created by negative space juxtaposed to organic shape found in the formation of various trees and their bark. Through a combination of multiple techniques and media, the intention of this series is to create an awareness of one of our most beautiful natural resources.

These pieces have been created with mixed media. Some or all pieces contain the following: ink, watercolor, oil pastel, colored pencils, newspaper, pastels, manipulated tissue paper and chalk.

"Seed Series"

All forms of nature have held my interest. In the "Seed Series" I look at various forms of seeds, only grazing the multitude of types of seeds. Seeds are the next generation coming in various forms. They may be contained in fruits such as nuts or cones. This is my interpretation of one of the many wonders of our universe.


Everyone needs a home. Constructing one requires multiple elements. 

I watch birds every day and wonder, how do they know what to use to construct their home, their nests, and their sanctuary? This inspires me to create.

Like the birds, I construct art with multiple elements. These materials consist of bark, leaves, thread, discarded papers, horsehair, seed pods, drawings, feathers, all adhered to the canvas which has been manipulated with wax, ink, watercolor pencil, and acrylic paint. These multiple elements create a home for my vision. 


"California Series"

On a visit to California, I was inspired by the ocean and the landscape that surrounds it. The rocky terrain created massive negative space against the vast rippling Blue Ocean. Further inland, the rows of grapes gave great contrast. The land varied from mountainous to valleys, causing geometric space formed by the vineyards. I executed this series using only tissue paper, some of which had been manipulated. 

"Farm Series"

I have made numerous trips by car, to Kansas and Texas and I have been observing the terrain of the countryside. I was intrigued by the various shapes and colors, created as I swiftly passed through acres and acres of cultivated and uncultivated farmland.

So I asked, ..." how could I capture this experience in another form other than a photograph?" The "Farm Series" is the result of my quest to answer that question.

I took the photographs of these areas, printed them and studied the composition of shapes that I captured. I then attempted to recreate these images with multiple layering of tissue paper. Some tissue used has been altered. Only tissue paper and pieces of a calendar were used to form the images. Limiting the use of materials further challenged me to express the feeling of moving swiftly from one place to another, while still observing my surroundings. The other challenge was to record the positive and negative shapes I observed as I moved quickly through the countryside.

Come take a ride with me and enjoy the countryside...


Time is a moment in space filled with multiple possibilities. Capturing the right unique moment takes years; looking deep into the spaces to find time. The red, black, and white series, titled “Clocks”, is a further study of space; dealing with the subject of time. My father was a self-taught watchmaker. Many of the collage pieces are from his bench.

The pen and ink studies of various dried vegetation are another way of looking at the relationships of space.

"Brown Bag Series"

The "Brown Bag Series" is a result of my baking abilities. The parchment paper I use in baking is the negative space that attracted me to marry it with the large black shapes. As in baking, the right thickness, the right temperature, and the right finishing techniques result in a pleasing organic movement that satisfies the pallet.

"Betsy Girl's Series"

I have always enjoyed the world of fashion and its designers. When I was in school, Betsy Johnson was an up and coming designer with a fun and funky style. I loved her flair and attitude toward color and proportion. "Betsy's Girls Series" is a tribute to Betsy Johnson's design. They are color pencil, paint, and collage done on paper.

"Shoe Series"

My “Shoe Series” evolved when I was intrigued with the design on the paper in several shoe boxes I own. That along with my pleasure or purchasing several pairs of shoes led to further gathering of materials, all related to shoes. These collages all contain tissue paper, lace, leather, rubbings, magazine images, paint, oil pastels, and pencil.